Portfolio page slow to open

Has anyone else noticed that it takes a long time to open a portfolio page? Here’s the address of my page:


I’ve tried to open it is several different browsers and, regardless of the browser, it takes a long time. Other portfolio’s seem to be a little faster:



GKP Systems


Still, even when the portfolio pages open more quickly than mine, they seem to be rather sluggish.

Finally while I’m on the subject of portfolio pages two more questions:

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to search for or find other portfolio pages more easily? I had to search through this community with “https://www.appsheet.com/portfolio/” to find these.
  2. Am I the only one who finds the lack of a margin on the left side of the portfolio page, as demonstrated in the following post, to be a problem?
    Disappearing margins in portfolio

Yes, it has always been extremely slow for me. Along with a few other appsheet pages which I can’t recall right now.


Yes, this morning, I noticed the same when I open up my own portfolio page.
It tooks some minutes just to open the page. Obviously something goes wrong then.


To me this has always been veeeeery slow.


The oddness still there. I hit portfolio page, then really nothing happen on load. It looks browser freezed. Then leave the page untouched. After a minute or so, then page to open…

@Steve @Aleksi




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Same. Always slow- every time I open it.

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Works on Google, too! Found over 10 pages of portfolios.



Thanks @GreenFlux ! I was just thinking about the issue today before I saw your post but I had forgotten about this thread. The search method you shared is excellent but I wish AppSheet would make that a part of the platform. Imagine having to use a trick like this to find YouTube content. I think the YouTube analogy is valid in that those of us who make sample apps (or, in my case a fully functional app that can be used for free after the “sample” is copied) are providing content for the AppSheet platform, just as YouTube users are supplying the platform wth content. It’s true that AppSheet isn’t as dependent on user-created content as YouTube is, but I think it is the case that user-created content has the potential to enhance the value of the AppSheet platform is an analogous way.

Despite the potential similarities between AppSheet and YouTube in terms of user-generated content, the difference in the visibility of such content on the two platforms is huge. I can’t see how this is good for any of the interested parties, either Google (AppSheet), sample app builders, or AppSheet users hoping to learn. Any thoughts about this fundamental issue, @praveen ?

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