PRICES in Attachment i build an attachment o...

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PRICES in Attachment

i build an attachment of the invoices, in the App i see correct price (in my case € 1.700,00), but in attachment there is € 1,700.00. How can i resolve?

I inserted Type PRICE, Current Symbol € and in Table i set localize Italy.

How can i resolve it?

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Please provide the following: 1. Account id 2. App name 3. Table name 4. Field name

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i attached 2 pics (from attached file and from app)

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Sounds like Price columns in workflow do not comply with locale setting. @Philip_Garrett_Appsh

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If you go to Data > Tables and expand the table, what value do you see in the “Data locale” property?

That Locale setting controls how workflow displays values.

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I inserted ITALY

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I1.D account: 592176 2.CRMAumenta-592176 3.PREVENTIVI 4.TOTALE VENDITA/NOLEGGIO, or every prices cells.

All prices cells in the app appear € 1.000,00 or €10,00 in the attachment € 1,000.00 or €10.00

I have tried that after having made the change in localize and saved it, at the reopening it always appears english, i checked also all € symbol in prices cells and are correct

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The prices are being displayed in “en-US” decimal format because your Google sheet locale and hence the table locale are “en-US”. You can confirm this for yourself by going to Data > Tables and checking the “Data locale” property for table “PREVENTIVI”.

AppSheet extracts the table Locale from the Google Sheet. You need to set the Locale for the Google sheet as described in topic “Configuring the Locale” in this article - Locale Support in AppSheet

When you next open your app, AppSheet will automatically detect that the Locale has changed and update your table appropriately. Locale Support in AppSheet

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tx, Philip now it works

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Glad to hear it is working for you.