Print from your apps

(Peter Dykstra (AppSheet)) #1

Using the Beta Zapier integration, it’s possible to connect your apps to the Google Cloud Print network, allowing you to send print jobs to any Google connected printer.

For example, use AppSheet apps to print name tags at a front desk, or inventory tags from a warehouse printer using label printers like Dymo or Zebra brand. (Create a workflow that sends an email or attached file directly to an email-connected printer, or use Zapier to route the file into a print job).

Sample app: Inventory Label Maker

Print to Bluetooth Printer
(Eli) #2

Do you think it might be able to support printing QR codes in the future?

(sreekar pranav) #3

You can Print QR Codes now itself Correct
We can Create our own QR Codes and we will invoke a webhook to print that QR Code using Cloud Print in Zapier