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Dymo LabelWriter 450

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@Peter, is there an alternative that Appsheet looked at for Google Cloud Print? Seeing it is almost end of 2020 and the time given by Google to sunset Google Cloud Print
To print more “directly” from Appsheet rather than using the Printer Supplier’s Cloud or ePrint via Email that is just to slow process if you have a line of customers in front of you waiting for a name tag or ticket to enter an Event

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@Peter does the Dymo LabelWriter 450 you used have an ‘email to print’ facility?

I don’t believe Dymo supports any ‘email to print’ functionality - there might be some useful options in the Cloud Print deprecation notes though:

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@Peter, ok noted. Maybe it is me then not understanding how you used this Printer to print from Appsheet

Originally, I was recommending using Google Cloud Print and Zapier to send print jobs to Dymo (or any other printer), but since Cloud Print is being deprecated, there are some alternative cloud services that might replace. Otherwise yes, if your printer has the ‘email to print’ option that’s usually ideal (HP and Epson I think are most supported brands).


It would be great if appsheet would look into start to implement some other methods that dont rely on Email to print. This Takes forever sometimes.


Hello did you ever figure out a solution to this? I’d love to get a label printer workflow going!

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Nope still running on the slow email print.

Think the employees gave up on complaining. still see them hanging at the printer sometimes but Im not sure what to do:(

HAHA I’m just starting in appsheet and I’m casting my mental net far and wide.

Have you looked at Mac Automator? Apparently you can attach actions to folders and I’m hoping that upon a file save from a workflow to a folder, that I can use a MacBook as a print server and print from there via the native Automator app. I can keep you posted if I succeed


yes please let me know, also printer control.
How would I control what items get printed on what printer. 6 different locations… same network.
a different folder for each printer?

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that sounds like possible with automator from what I’ve seen so far. it seems pretty versatile. I’m gonna spend tomorrow hammering away at it. Not sure your time zone but I’m tapped out for tonight haha

I’ll be in touch!!!

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Ok so its very simple to setup the folder action from Mac automator to trigger the new document inside the folder to print, however I’m not aware of how to specify a local folder for the file path under the make doc option in the workflow. if this is possible then I think this would print faster than the email option. do you know how to specify the folder path to be a local one?

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what about using a folder action in Mac automator to print when the folder receives a file. this is very simple to setup I’m just not sure how to specify a folder to make sure it receives the files created in the Makedoc workflow. I’ve tried to attach the folder action to a folder in google drive file stream but the print action doesn’t fire. ideally a local folder on the machine would be best to trigger the automator action to print.

can you envision a way to get a file to save from the workflow to a local folder? is this possible directly?

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Instead of File Stream please use Backup & Sync. This will put the file on your local machine into your google drive folder.

Here is a solution:


very cool tip! I was considering getting a refubished mac mini to do that so that I can deploy a print server that can stay a bit more out of the way instead of a macbook having to stay physically open all the time. I am deploying some stuff for a restaurant and want to make sure that they can print recipes and stuff without the email to print which takes long.

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Yes E-Mail printing may take about 30 seconds up to 3 minutes.
What about using a Raspberry Pi?


@Fabian please share your thoughts on using a RaspberryPi

Hi @Henry_Scott I mean you could use a Raspberry Pi to do this job: Print any new PDF. It’s very cheap and doesn’t need much energy.
I don’t have this set up, but I’m pretty sure this is possible.

dear i designed a app but i want integrate appsheet app with my barcode printer

In new barcodes detail page i need print action after clicking that action i need to get print in my barcode label printer with this data