Printing from AppSheet with Zapier

I have attempted to setup an automated print job from my app using Google Cloud Print and Zapier. I am completely new to Zapier. I have the Webhook created successfully in AppSheet and Zapier is automating the printing. However, the problem I have is my template is printing with the google doc template << [ ] >> tags / column names e.g. <<[Paid By]>> instead of the actual values passed in to the form on AppSheet Credit Card. Is it possible someone could advise could advise me where I am going wrong in my setup?

In the ‘Content’ part of the Zap setup I have the below but not sure if correct.

Thank you.

Hi Maurice - the method I’ve had the most success with in the past is by having Zapier print the content of a forwarded email or the PDF attached to the email (each generated by an AppSheet workflow). Zapier can receive that content, then forward it to Google Cloud Print.


Hi @Peter. Thank you for the advice. I will test this approach instead.

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Hi @Peter

Can I just ask what you put in the ‘Content’ field in the screenshot below? I am definitely missing something but I can’t seem to get the actual attachment details to print. The print is being triggered but just not the attachment generated from the workflow in AppSheet.

Thank you.

FYI- Google Cloud Print is shuttind down :frowning:

Thank you @GreenFlux. I am aware of this. I am just trying to familiarise myself with this space a bit more.


Some Printers have their own Email address like Epson, or Kyocera.
You could use this address directly in AppSheet without using Zapier and Google Cloud Print.

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