Problem with "send email" bot

Hi there,
Yesterday I got my app sends a reports by email with a PDF attach each time I add some new record in my data base but later, without any change it stopped.
I’ve try to build again and again and don’t find any mistake… I think the problem is the bot doesn’t recognize a record was made and run the action, but I cannot find the trouble to fit it.
Is there any external problem in the platform? Or do you know where could be the problem?
I’d try to recovery some previous version but the workflow doesn’t change and I mess it all jaja
I’m getting crazy jajajaj
Please someone could help me to find the way?
Thank you a lot.

That’s my bot… I cannot find the trouble.

I noticed the same issue last night, and I tested it with a sample AppSheet and got the same issue.

I got the emails, which are really fast, but the data from the record tables get empty.

See Sending Email Only After Adding a Parent Record and All of Its Children here:

Hi @Steve Thank you for the link.

This post below is exactly my issue.

Hi Steve,
I’ve read it and it’s helpful to learn more about all this function but I don’t have a children and a parent table… I just have a single one where I collect the datas and want a report of each one in a pdf by email.
I just find my problem!! It was I fix some columns names in my database but not in the body template of the email, so it could not find the data and block the bot!!

Thank you a lot for the great work!!