Producing PDF Report

Hi Community,

I have produced my App - and am seeking to export the current contents of my ISSUES table as a PDF file. I have got this far:

I am presented with only one export option: Export this View as CSV file - (i.e. to MS Excel) which is working.

Is there a way I can export this view as PDF file to a fixed updatable file location so that the latest export is always the current contents of my ISSUES Table ?

Any responses appreciated.


Hello @rjtroy, PDF files are not made directly from actions, but from tasks (using automation).

Both these options will produce a PDF file given a suitable template, and will offer you the posibility of creating a base template that will have all your table columns listed, you can use that to get started, for more information you can check these links:

In order to generate a PDF once you have your task prepared, you’re gonna need to configure a BOT that looks for a condition in order to run a process that contains your task, in order to keep your export file up to date you could configure it so that it triggers whenever there’s a change in your ISSUES table.

The “fixed updatable file location” could be a FILE type column linked to your data source that’s gonna host the file, often a google drive in the “attachments” folder, that way your users can click that column and that’s gonna open a new browser tab that’s gonna show the pdf.


Nice explained @Rafael_ANEIC-PY

In addition @rjtroy here is a link explaining step by step how to do so:



Thank you, Rafael,
You have helped me back on my bike