Ref view within Column display


Within the Data/Column view there use to be a ref link that would show how tables are related. I can’t seem to find that link any more.

If you revert to old editor, you can see that. They are not shown in the new editor version. To revert back to the old editor, just insert &OldEditor=True& parameter in the middle of the browser URL

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@Peter - wish we could get this REF info added back to the “new” editor. We lost some good troubleshooting information and not sure why.

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Thank you!

@Mike do you mean the graphical view at the top of the Columns pane? You can also see this information now in the Info -> Spec pane. We have debated whether this should be included in the Columns pane or not. Would appreciate your input.

Oh, please return it to the Columns pane! I’m grateful for @LeventK tip. That option is a big help.

@praveen - yes. it used to be in the graphical view at the top of the columns display. See image below. Without the ability to export/print the column details (which I wish I had for troubleshooting, archival, and duplicating structures/formulas), this was a quick way to check REF’s. IT really is not as much info as export or print, but it lets you quickly check if the relationships you think you established are in fact there - without having to check each column set up for each table individually.

Just my opinion, but I found it useful (and it collapses out of the way anyway).


ps: thanks as always for your honest requests for feedback. Always impressive (and not often duplicated).