Referencing a Parent Object's Column Value as Slice Filter Criteria

Been spinning on this one too.

I have a Parent Orders Object. and a Child Parts Object.

I am trying to create a Slice and View that shows me all Parts that Need Cleanup, whose parent object Order isnt Status Completed. So that I can get a list of all parts that need cleanup that are not part of an order that is already completed.

NOT([Support Material Removal]=None)

This give me a list of all parts that need cleanup. But this also includes parts that are apart of Orders that are already completed.

I added the AND condition. to filter out the completed orders.

AND(NOT(Orders[Status]=Complete), NOT([Support Material Removal]=None))

However I am getting an error
Cannot compare List with Text in (Orders[Status] = “Complete”)

I have been looking at IN, FILTER, and a few others, but having trouble wrapping my head around it.
I can reference Child columns from the Parent Object (via RefRows) all day, but I am having trouble going the other way I guess.

Tied this, seems like it is referencing the correct column, but now nothing shows up in the table.

AND(NOT(IN(Complete,Orders[Status])),NOT([Support Material Removal]=None))


Hi Marc, Thank you for that. Figured it out. Sorry for the newb question! Dont know why I wasnt able to find it…

AND(NOT([Order].[Status]=Complete),NOT([Support Material Removal]=None))