REPORT to save a FILE as CSV with SLICE

I have created a report that will save a file as a CSV. The table selected is a slice, but when the report is saved, it saves all the data in the table and not just the filtered data. What am I doing wrong?


Does your template have a START reference to your slice, e.g. something like:

<<Start:FILTER(YourSliceName, true)>>

No. I created the template from the Report interface. Where would I put the start reference?

I see.

If you click that “view” link you will see the content of your template. Although higher up the screen you selected your slice name, it looks like the template may default to the table name instead.

In some quick testing, I saw that although I specified a slice name for the report, e.g.


AppSheet placed the following into the template:

<<Start: Select(MyTable[Key], TRUE)>>

I also noticed that the template is not editable (for me at least, in google) without first “open in google drive”.

It might make sense to manually create a template and walk through some of the behaviors found on this page:

Hi Connie,

Ty’s is correct that the template we generate should be referring to the slice name you specified. There is a bug that is preventing this from working correctly.

You can manually edit the system generated template to circumvent the bug. As Ty said, you can replace the system generated <<Start>> expression in the template with:

<<Start:FILTER(YourSliceName, true)>>

I have updated the article to provide step by step instructions for editing the template. See topic “Editing the Template” in this article


Awesome. Thank you.