Row Filter Based Upon Date

I am working on a field service app. I have a slice of our recurring customers this list is “read-only” and there are actions that record data on another table. I’d like to filter, or remove the customer for that day from view on this slice, if there is a record of that customer from today on that other table. Is this possible?

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Thanks @Marc_Dillon!
I am still having difficulties with the filter expression. This is what I have so far…

But what I’m finding with the ISBLANK in the AND expression it won’t show the customer before a record is added for them… If they don’t have a record before that, how do I show the Customer until they are created and then not show them once they are completed? Does that make sense?

So you have a customers Table, and a daily_records_per_customer Table.

You’re wanting a Slice on customers that only shows records that do not have an associated daily_records_per_customer record for today.

Using FILTER() (which is equivalent to SELECT( table[key-column] ) ), you can gather all daily_records_per_customer records, with a condition that it matches the customer, AND the date matches TODAY(). Then you just want to know if the returned list is blank or not.

You never mentioned any “tech” or anything about the signed in user, so not sure what you’re doing here.

Are you matching by date equals today, or by weekday?

Not quite sure what this is supposed to be, but it definitely is not valid.

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@Marc_Dillon Sorry for not clarifying. I’ve got a slice with an row filter expression that is currently operational. That current expression is setup as
Which works, It only shows the tech their route for that day. However, I’d like to add an additional filter to remove the customer after a record is completed on a separate table.
I will try to explain how it works for me currently in using. [Tech] opens up the app on Wednesday and it shows only who the list of customers for Wednesday. (The customer list has recurring customers every week, so I have them filter by day) This table is reference only, but has actions that set rows on the other table. Simple time tracking (i.e. - Start Time, End Time, Completed Yes/No) I’d like to have it remove the customer for that day, if they have already been “Completed” Hopefully that explanation helps. I’d be adding on to the expression I’ve already created which is written above.

Ok, I understand. Utilize the ISNOTBLANK(FILTER(…)) in place of your:

@Marc_Dillon Thanks greatly! It worked perfectly!