Run a Process for multiple rows

I am creating a scheduler. My data looks like this:

Locations Table: (ID, Name, …)
Schedule Table: (ID, LocationID, ScheduledAt …)
Location Group Table: (ID, Name)
Location Group Map Table: (ID, LocationGroupID, LocationID)
Bulk Schedule Table: (ID, LocationGroupID, ScheduledAt)

Whenever a row is added to Bulk Schedule Table, I want to write an automation where:

  1. For each location in LocationGroup, I want to add to row to Schedule Table.

I am currently stuck in Automation Processes where I have to call the process once per LocationId found in Location Group Map table.

I tried this using Workflow, but I want to embrace Automation and also I could not pass down ScheduledAt in Workflow model to the action where I create a row each for Schedule Table (last step).

@prithpal @Steve