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I have a question related to the search function. I’m using the computedname field to join first and last names. This computed name is displayed on a table.

For example, I have a First name = “Paul”, Last name = “Jones”. ComputedName = “Paul Jones”.

When I search for Paul, I find the record, when I search for “Jones” I also find the record. But if I search for “Paul Jones” it does not find the record? Is this normal, the field is set to searchable.


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It should show. I actually have the exact same setup with first name, last name and a virtual column. So first of all, when you are talking about the computedname field, are you meaning a virtual column? Can you provide a screenshot of the details for that column? Maybe there is something strange in there causing the issue.

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I seem to have the same settings but using first name, middle name and last name. Yes it is a virtual column. Is it the space causing the problem in the search or does yours work?

In my example it works until you start typing the last name. So I have firstname = “Paul”, Lastname = “Jones”. Computedname = “Paul Jones”.

In the search bar, when I type Paul it finds Paul, when I type the space it still finds Paul but as soon as I type the J it finds nothing. If I type Paul Jones, it also finds nothing?

Please post a screenshot demonstrating the problem.

Your expression will be inserting two spaces if you exclude the middle name… Try searching with two spaces. Paul Jones


So I type Paul in the search and it filters as I would expect

But when I carry on typing ‘Paul J’ - there are no results?

See my comment above your last post

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Grant, thank you that looks like the issue. If I search with two spaces it finds the record. When I look at the record it doesn’t look like it has 2 spaces?

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Yeah, AppSheet tries to get smart with some of the spaces… There was another thread where this came up, the spaces…

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The computed name formula is -

CONCATENATE([FirstName]," “,[MiddleName],” ",[LastName])

But there are cases with no middle name so I guess I get 2 spaces as per the formula. In the table view it doesn’t look like there is an extra space?


Maybe appsheet should update their standard computed name expression

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Thanks Grant and Steve
I put the existing expression in TRIM as below and now it’s working as I’d expect.

TRIM(CONCATENATE([FirstName]," “,[MiddleName],” ",[LastName]))


Tramwork, makes the dream work!

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