Selective Item syncing


Is it possible to set a column or table to only sync when the App is install or opened?

I use a column (T/F) to show what row is currently active. This Creates 2 sync items every time a different record is select. One that reset the existing True to False, and one that set the new item to true.

The App works and I have no speed issues while browsing around. However, Sync counter keeps going up and up.

The value of this column has no need to be saved on the backend as it is only used for View filtering on the front end.

If limiting the column is not possible I can move this “Active Record” solution to its own Table.
Then the question becomes Can I stop this Table from Syncing, while still letting the user on the front end be able to update the table?


It is not possible to selectively sync some tables but not others; all tables are synced at the same time.

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I thought that may be the case. Thanks for the confirmation Steve.

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