Sharing an App for users own Google Drive instance


I would like to be able Share an AppSheet app that I’ve created with some test users but allow them to write data to a Google sheet in their own Google drive instead of the one I used to create the app, ie I;m trying to enable my test users to download my app and google sheet model similar to how they would download a sample app from AppSheet’s home page. I’ve tried sharing the app with users but their data all points back to my original Google Sheets data source.

Grateful for guidance

Did you read this doc and tried this trick ?

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Thanks Tsuji_koichi, that works and for my simple use case where my App points to a single data table.

I have a slightly more challenging use case. This app points to a single Google Sheets file with 4 separate tables(tabs) which correspond to 4 data tables in my app. When I define: Data, Tables, Security, Shared = Off for all the data tables,
a. the install for my test user generated 4 separate Google Sheets files each with 4 data tables…I wanted the data tables to be consolidated in a single Google Sheets file
b. the Appsheet app would write to only the respective tab in each of the 4 files…my intent is for the app to write to the respective tab in a single Google Sheets file

How could I achieve the above as part of the initial install for the user?

Many thanks in advance for assistance!

Hi ya,
Sorry, I’m a bit at a loss, as what your are talking on the initial post and one you are talking is contradicting with each other.
Is it a same use case or different case?


I meant that your pointer to Private Tables did help me in a use case where I only had a single table Google Sheet Data Source. That’s all good.

I have a second use case where I have multiple tables in a single Google Sheet data source file. Would u be able to advise how I could share the App using private tables such that it would point to a single Google Sheet file containing multiple tables.

Sorry I still don’t understand what you want to achieve.

Thanks for taking the time either case. Was not able to explain the situation clearly. I’ll look it up and try to come back with my workaround. Hopefully that would explain the problem better and I can get a better solution around it

Sure, feel free to ask questions to solve problems.
Workaround is always there, that s beauty of Appsheet.

Hi Gerald,
You can’t do this with Appsheet
But don’t forget you’re still using a different product as well, Google sheets.

If you’re not afraid of a little coding I suggest you look into Google apps script for the sheets class.

For example you can write a code that makes a duplicate of the workbook and pushes the independent copy to the user
From there you can change the copy apps source table to the new url

Lots of other solutions possible, you should take a look :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for helping to clarify. Tried a few permutations of Security settings to no avail. Will heed ur advice and approach this from the scripting end