Show the amount of items on a button

Hi there,
Could the number of items in a slice be shown in the Display name of a view so that it shows the amount in the button on the Primary Views bar?
How could I do the expression to count the items on the slice?
In the image I show the desired effect

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Hi @TalkNet_TechnoStore,

You may do so by having display name of the view “Pedidos” something like below

CONCATENATE(“Pedidos”,"(",COUNT(SELECT(Table Name[Key Column], Slice Filter Condition)),")")

Here “Pedidos” is your view name , “Table Name” is the name of the table on which your slice for “Pedidos” view is based and “Slice Filter Condition” is the same filter condition that you have for slice “Pedidos”. Ths same slice filter condition you may use in the SELECT () statement given above.

An example shown below



Great!! Thank you so much.
I thought Expressions that use columns could not be used, due to the notice that says:
“This formula is not evaluated in the context of a row, so column values are not available.”
And I didn’t think that a simple SELECT would work.