Slice date format different to table and form

Hi, I have a slice that shows the date of an entry, and a view that uses this slice.
the date is shown in US format but I have localisation set to UK for the table, the source workbook and the machines I have tested it on. can someone help me, the date is correct on the form, everywhere else in the App shows UK format except the slice.

Thank you in Advance

I believe for the detail view , you may wish to use TEXT(0 functions as suggested by @Bahbus in the post below.

If the format is different on the sliced detail view and original detail view, it’s something we should probably investigate. Is that the case?

Sorry, I was wrong in one place, Google Chrome language was set to US English, I changed that and slice format changed.

Though One drive, and the machines themselves and the source table and Appsheet localisation were all set to UK Format.
Funny that everywhere else was showing UK format though, just the slice was US format.

Thank you all for your help.


With the Chrome, yes you need to select the language and it has to be the first language in the list.