Square developer webhooks

I have an action created (a purchase link -to a square URL for that service) to take me to a purchase page. Then nothing! I need data back!

I’m wondering if I can invoke appsheets REST API for square Developer webhooks!
I want to send webhooks to the square developer and back then once finished to set values into my g sheets for taking payments

This is possible through appsheet now without the use of a “zap”? Sorry I’ve done a lot of research and they’re older videos of q&a’s nothing recent about automation besides 4-21-21

I was tempted to creating a cloud run bucket to host my own rest api lol

Appsheet can send out webhooks. It cannot receive any response from those sent-out webhooks.

Outside services can interact with Appsheet through its REST API.

Not sure what exactly your question is.

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I want to send a POST (Json) webhook to square developer to take a (payment) purchase

End Goal is that,
I want square developer api (webhook) to invoke the appsheet api returning values thru (json) for any purchase made to square developer api.

Should I set up a table for the return values or have them updated to a row if it matches values from the webhook sent in best case.

That’s entirely up to you.

Still lost I’m trying to Receive “post” webhooks from the square payments api. I entered my endpoint using appsheets api adding my app ID and table name into the required fields. Square generated a signature key. I’m testing the endpoint I entered on the square developer site sending test events to appsheets api with a 400 response showing. Any help?

That doesn’t appear to be anywhere near a correct payload structure for Appsheet’s API.

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You may have figured it out by now but if not, what you need is an intermediate (endpoint or lambda function) between Square and AppSheet that will receive the webhook from Square and invoke the AppSheet API with the correct payload.

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:expressionless:I have not! however I am invoking the api finally!! 200 response OK!
But I can’t get the json body to add data to my spread sheet.

I made a spreadsheet of the column values in json and created a template it looks great i copied it and tried to make a call to webhook response but I’m lost with “custom or appsheet api” and where to enter the data! I’m just receiving http POST JSON data not requesting it

You’ve got to show us exactly what you’re doing if you need more help (screenshots!), I cannot decipher your description.

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What are you showing in the first screenshot, is that some text editor? That payload template looks correct. Are you just confused that it is supposed to go in the Body field of the webhook configuration?

You seem to be attempting to send a webhook from Appsheet to Appsheet. Why are attempting to do this? That does not align with any of the rest of this thread.

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Yes! I’m frustrated I deleted everything, In the automation pane. I just need to configure the settings for the bot to get the payload in so that when square sends them automatically thru notifications I can have the payload data put into the columns of that spreadsheet. The old workflow is understanding but the automation pane is confusing.

Something like this I was looking at a minute ago

“Yes”, what?

I’m still confused what you’re trying to do here. You’re showing an Appsheet API payload in one screenshot, then an un-configured webhook from Appsheet in another. Neither of which has anything to do with Square.

If I had to guess, I’d say you’re thinking that your Appsheet webhook Bot is supposed to be receiving a webhook from Square, or something like that. That is 100% definitely not how any of this works.

Are you sending webhooks from Square (I have no experience with Square and have no idea if it supports setting up outgoing webhooks). Otherwise, as Bellave mentioned, you need to be setting up some third intermediary service To poll Square, and send to Appsheet.

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You know if you really looked at what I sent you would see everything is coming from square! The notification that I’m SENDING! FROM SQUARE IS indeed invoking the APSHEETS API that displays failed and says that the ACTION IS MISSING in DETAILS of the the first picture I showed THAT DISPLAYS THE AUDIT LOG INFO. The script in the text editor came from the AUTO GENERATED body template of the spreadsheet I have in my application WHICH APPSHEET AUTO GENERATED FOR ME WHAT ARE YOU MISSING?

Wow, ok. Good luck with that.

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You can stay off the thread thank you much

Marc is doing his best to help you untangle the knots you seem to have gotten yourself into. This is truly a wonderful community that thrives because of people like him.

Nobody can help if the request is confusing or flawed to begin with.