Support in rtl languages

Do you plan to support in rtl languages?

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Hi @Accountfix_bank We hope to be able to offer this support in the future. Be sure to follow along in this community for any updates we may have. I would highly recommend adding this request to the “Feature Request” area which encourages community voting and allows for greater visibility.

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Actually, this is already a feature request, which was made by @UNITED_SKATEBOARDS :

Please vote for it. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Kirk_Masden for finding this as I had specifically searched for “right to left” terms rather than specific languages :slight_smile:

@Accountfix_bank just to ensure I’ve set expectations correctly, I want to make it clear that this feature is something we hope to support in the distant future. We value all feedback and feature requests we receive from the community at large, please continue to send them our way.

Thank you both for your feedback and have a great rest of your day!


Any update on RTL support?

Are there any update on supporting the RTL functions?

I’m not aware of any movement on it.

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