Task manager data record

I made a task manager app for my kitchen, it resets the tasks every 24hrs but is there a way to record the tasks that have being done each day aswell ?? Just to keep a record of the cleaning that has being done
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What is your format for resetting the tasks every day? Is each task for a given day just another row in a spreadsheet that when you check it off removes that row or maybe just hides it in the app view? My first thought is that depending on how you have the app setup, you could have another spreadsheet/data source that when you check off an item, it writes that item to another spreadsheet. So you could have a view for your tasks and a view for task history.

Hi redline
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So if i wrote another spreadsheet/data how would i set it up? What would i write in the columns/vaules so that it transfers the data to that sheet ?
Thanks a million for your help

Well, it all depends on the information that you’re trying to collect. The first thing that comes to mind is that you want to have multiple views: one to handle checking off your tasks, and one for history. To do this, then it would probably be best to probably have three tables:

  • One to handle the checklist
  • One to handle the history
  • and One to handle the different views

So when you first start the app, you can have a view that draws from your “View Table”. Then when you click into your “Task View”, if you check off a value, you can add a behavior that will add that task (and maybe the current date?) to the new table. So short answer, is just to use either the automation functionality or a behavior to automate writing the value to another table.

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