Toggle Yes/No Switch in Form View

I have a column that’s a YES/NO field type; however, in my form it shows up as big YES/NO boxes. How can I change this to a toggle?

Looked at a sample app but this also had big YES/NO boxes in the form.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 5.54.22 AM

Unfortunately you can’t change the appearance to a toggle with the Form UX. They can appear as toggle buttons if the column is set as quick edit in the Detail UX.


Okay, thanks for confirming @LeventK. That’s too bad. When filling out the form, I think it makes sense to have the toggle switch here as it’s it’s the first interaction with entering the data. Perhaps they’ll change this in the future.


Though it may sound and look a bit weird in the Form, provided it’s not so big deal for you to represent a FALSE/TRUE with 0 and 1, than you can use a NUMBER type column set as Range, min value 0, max value 1, increment 1 and initial value as 0 (as it will denote to FALSE by-default). Rather than a toggle button, it will be seen as a slider in the form as a cons.

Please click on your name in the main menu of my community sample app and see it in action. You can write a column description to direct the user for selection:


I, too, would love to see the small toggle switch instead of the large buttons. It would be great to have the choice of which to display.

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