Transparency / Opacity in Format Rules

You can use Hex colors with transparency / opacity in Format Rules.

This one will look like this:

If you add the Opacity value after the Hex value, it looks like this:


This is also working for Actions:


And for Map Pins:


Hex Opacity Values

  • 100% β€” FF
  • 95% β€” F2
  • 90% β€” E6
  • 85% β€” D9
  • 80% β€” CC
  • 75% β€” BF
  • 70% β€” B3
  • 65% β€” A6
  • 60% β€” 99
  • 55% β€” 8C
  • 50% β€” 80
  • 45% β€” 73
  • 40% β€” 66
  • 35% β€” 59
  • 30% β€” 4D
  • 25% β€” 40
  • 20% β€” 33
  • 15% β€” 26
  • 10% β€” 1A
  • 5% β€” 0D
  • 0% β€” 00

Fabian, how did you find the trick, by accident?
Super awesome finding.

To Appsheet team, I think we should put this to official documentation!

Thank you Koichi, I needed a Dummy Pin in a Map that should not be visible.
So I looked in google, if Hex colors are working with transparency :blush:


Very, very cool. :flushed:

Holy dope tastic! :heart_eyes:
I too need dummy pins… It seems the background XY trick you showed off really needs a starter pin to initiate the backgrounds image… Is that what you’re using this for.

Fantastic :slight_smile:

Yes I need the dummy Pin for a XY Background Image. After adding the first real Pin, the dummy gets deleted via an Action.

@Adam this is one of the issues we were emailing about. One hell of a workaround that Fabian worked out.

Don’t forget to put the pin back if there are no pins remaining… Like if someone deletes all the pins

Great input @Fabian.

You are right thank you. There are always so many scenarios to consider :sweat_smile:

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Agreed. I had considered this, and in the end decided to just leave the pin…

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Where do you place the Dummy Pin? 50, 50 or 0, 0 ?

I mean you could also give him an icon via Format Rules like image
and assign him some infos. When the user opens the XY he can click on the INFO PIN to learn what to do next.
Just some ideas :blush:

I might like that idea of an info pin…
50, 50 is the best bet for now…

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