Unable to find column while derefencing

Hello everybody,

I have thoroughly followed the following articles but Appsheet behaviour is very strange.

It doesn’t find most of the child column. It had found one column on maybe 10 trial …!


You may want to remove all special character in the column names, such as (.’


Why the 1st one worked even with special character in the column names, such as (.’ ??

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1st, Try to remove the ( ) from column names.

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Thanks Heru, I think it is the cause. But I don’t understand why it still has worked in 1 specific case.
Will start to change the character causing troubles


Heru, since you are here. May I ask you how to save the form periodically, even before the final save button ?

I am not too sure about this question, what do you want to do. With screenshot like the above is ok.

Yes, let me clarify. I want to use data we just completed later in the form. So I need those data to be in the table before we hit the final save button, and before we arrive to the question that uses this data.

I’ve never done that before. Perhaps using several slices and make form for each slice, and when move between “stages” you force the slice forms to auto save and auto open the next piece of form slice. But you need to watch for any column having initial values.

Something like that. I will also try later if this is a workable solution for you.

I was just trying to see the above method which would resulting something like below, with one action and one Show type virtual column.


I saw you post in other thread, I hope you would find the proper method to do what you’ve requested.

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This is definitely unexpected behavior. I encourage you to contact support@appsheet.com and report this apparent bug.

Thanks Heru. Do you think there is a way to have this result when hitting save in the picture attached (available in this thread: How to save a new entry ? Before the end of the Form )?

I would love to know how to update the data when hitting this Save button. It would be way easier for me.

@Steve , any idea ?

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Ok Steve, thanks your recommendation, I’ll report this one