Unable to find column

I have a problem, the editor doesn’t detect a column that there is present on the table I’m referencing into a bot, how can I fix that problem?

I have no clue on what are you trying to do
Can you give us some explanation in order to help?

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I’m building a bot to assign trainings to farmers who were detected with any nonconformity, and I need to get the data inserted on a Noncoformity form

the training is selected with a formula but the editor says there is no column called llike that even without a formula

Estás agregando una fila a la misma tabla de la cuál estás tomando los datos? Creo que eso puede ser el problema.
Por otro lado, te recomiendo esta extensión:

No es una herramienta creada por el equipo de AppSheet sino por QREW Tech

no, estoy tratando de agregar los datos a la tabla “Capacitaciones” de los datos ingresados en la tabla “No Conformidades”, pero solo es la columna capacitacion de la tabla “No Conformidades” la que no es detectada


This is an invalid expression. [_THISROW]. shouldn’t be there at all. The comma (,) between [CAPACITACION] and [ID NC] serves no valid purppose.

Still not detecting it.

And I use the [_ThisRow] because of another bot I made doing the same process and I got random data registered on it.

Trata de explicar en términos simples, me refiero sin usar fórmulas necesariamente, lo que necesitas que el bot haga y probablemente te pueda ayudar :wink:

This would be a lot easier if Automation weren’t a complete piece of junk.

Please provide a screenshot of the entire app editor window from the Automation > Process tab that shows the process and step you’re working with in the main view, and the full step and action configuration in the settings pane on the right side of the screen.

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There was a bug with expression checking of in disabled bots in which [_THISROW] was not checked correctly.

The fix should be deployed now, do you still see this error ?

If so could you please send an email to support@appsheet.com and ask to assign the ticket to Dan Bahir.
Please let me know the AppName and allow support access to the app.

Thank you


I think it’s a bug on the Bot view because I have a button that does the same thing I want to automatize, and it reads the capacitacion (training) column without problems.

I have no idea why there is a comma “,” in there

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