Unexpected Showif behavior

(Malaka Jayawardene) #1

Hi All, There is a very weird thing happening in my App.
I wanted to create a chart using some data in a table called “Multiple Surgeries 2”. The chart appears fine. Then I wanted to add a “ShowIf” expression to the chart so that it would show up only if the expression is valid. There is a column in the “Multiple Surgeries 2” table called [Specify a Time Period]. It is an Enum column with Yes and No options in it. If the user selects Yes, 2 columns appear called [Start Date] and [End Date] where the user gets to specify the date filter expression for the chart. So I want this chart to appear in the app only if this [Specify a Time Period] column is selected “Yes”. But when I type in this expression to the Chart’s ShowIf expression box, it says - Unable to find column ‘Specify a Time Period’
Why is this happening?

(Steve Coile) #2

Ah, is this in the Show if for a view?

(Malaka Jayawardene) #3

Yes, it is a ShowIf for a chart

(Malaka Jayawardene) #4

Also, I noted another weird bug in charts. Can I post a video of it? Ah videos are not supported?

(Steve Coile) #5

The Show if for a view is not interpreted in the context of any particular row, so references to the current row can’t be used.

(Malaka Jayawardene) #6

Understood. Thank you. This is about the other bug I got. Since there’s no way to upload a video here, I am attaching a temporary link I created on my website just to show you the bug that I’m getting. Just watch until the last couple of seconds and see what happens to the chart. At first it shows fine, then it disappears!



(Steve Coile) #7

I’m afraid my familiarity with charts and display issues is limited.