Upgrade your Workflow Rule

We are excited to announce the release of a self serve button that allows you to upgrade your Workflow Rules into Bots on demand.

The button is available on the Workflow Rule.

Pressing it will upgrade the Workflow Rule into a Bot and display the edited App.

After the upgrade follow this button to see your shinny new Bot

If you have saved the App with the bot and would like to revert to using the Workflow Rule please revert your App to the previous version using the App Version History.

Happy Upgrading.



Hi @Dan_Bahir

Thank you for announcement. To make us crystal clear to the plan, I just need to confirm with you.

Originally, old-workflow was expected to be automatically transformed to BOT starting from last June. My assumption was this plan was altered and now this job is given to all the app creator to change workflow to BOT (explicitly) using this function?
Or original plan was still alive but just delaying?


I don’t see this option. Is it released to all plans? I’m on the Core Plan. Can we Revert to Previous Version on the Core Plan?

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I’m just scared to press that button.


I know what you mean, but we dont have any other choice…

Once you see something wrong on the transformed BOT after pressing this, dont save the app but undo the operation then report back to support for the help

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@tsuji_koichi “Upgarde Report” and “Upgrade App” buttons will be available in the next two weeks. Together with the “Upgrade Bot” button they allow users to upgrade their workflows on demand.

We will start the automated migration after users are allowed some time to upgrade by themselves, more details to come on that.

@Martina It has been released to all users. Look for the button on the Workflow Rule.

@Rifadm817 @tsuji_koichi is correct, press the button to upgrade. Like what you see, great. If there is any problem with the upgrade let us know.

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If I convert a workflow to a bot and save, can I successfully then revert the app to a previous app version using Manage >> Versions >> Version History?


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@Dan_Bahir , this is what I see in my workflows:

I don’t see the copy button either

It is currently rolling out, and it will take a time.

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