Upload Image using REST API

This feature would be useful - upload an image in a column (perhaps using base64 encoding) when adding a new row using REST API.

It would also be good if we could bulk upload images via the same scheme.

This was asked before - Is it possible to upload multiple images at o...

There has been strong demands and voice from my end user of the app to introduce this feature, upload bulk number of image file to appsheet at once.
There is no native feature for the moment to achieve this.

To make it happen, i created the external service web app. To interact with Appsheet app, this custom app is driven basically by Appsheet API, FIND, POST methods.
Apart from that, i used Google Firebase/FIrestore to store the image file and path to the url for image file, which is then copied to data source where Appsheet app lives on.

It is working fine.

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Can you help me in doing that. I have a main table called machines and a child table named “photos” for saving multiple photos of the referenced one record of Main table “machine”.
What I want , is to click just one button to add photos , and it can give me option to select multiple photos at one time and then click upload/save.
So that it can save each photo in one row and adding new row for each of the new photo.

Thank you both for your input here. @Arthur_Rallu ^ I know we are tracking support for multiple images but I don’t think we have logged the request to do this via Rest API. Can you double check