UX design with 2-3 columns

If the app open on the browser it would be better if we can separate to 2 or 3 columns template.

You could use Dashboard view for that purpose and you can read the device with the expression CONTEXT(“Host”). If it’s “Device”, show the normal mobile view as a default view and if not, show the Desktop view.


Here’s an example of what @Aleksi mentioned: Interactive Dashboard

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I’d like to open this request again. This feature that I requested did not mean the dashboard, the dashboard is the UX that show many UXs in another one UX. But It’s mean how to show the one table which has many columns in separate of 2-3 part in landscape screen. Something like this picture.

Screen Shot 2563-06-12 at 13.44.10

@Warang_L I think you mean that you want to see Forms use more screen width when running in a browser?

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@1minManager Yes, something like that.


I do as well. A lot of real estate wasted that could be used to show more info/data, without having to scroll down.

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