"View data" limited to 1000 rows

Hello everyone

The “View data” field I use to check the formulas in virtual columns only shows the first 1000 rows.

I tried to filter the oldest rows with the SECURITY parameters which it does but still it stops at row number 1000 (shows from row 248 to row 1000 for instance)…

And I need to check the formulas on the latest inputs, any idea ?

I haven’t heard of this before…

I believe there is a limit of 1000 rows that get displayed in test results in test editor. I re-experienced it just last week… I believe this limit could be with valid reason so as not to load editor with displaying test results on very large datasets with multiple thousands of rows. @Gil may have more guidance.

I believe I also tried to eliminate certain initial rows with security filter but somehow I did not get subsequent rows. Of course this statement I cannot vouch for because I did not systematically note the experience. However overall limit of 1000 rows I did experience for sure.

Also please refer a similar post a few months ago, wherein @Gil mentioned test window limit.

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Indeed regarding the loading speed, the limit to a 1000 in the view makes sens.
Maybe the 1000 rows could be the latest and not the first ?

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I think what he’s saying is it’s just in the editor emulator… Not filtered in the production apps… Try opening the full screen view. Is it still limited?

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Yes you are correct, it is of course only in the editor’s"test window" . The app I was working on does have 2200 plus rows and works well even in editor. It is just in “Test” window that the limit seems to invoke.

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The “Test” button inside the expression builder is limited to the first 1000 rows of the table you’re working on.

If you need to see the results for records that may be at the bottom of the sheet - you can move them to the top of the sheet, wait for the sheet to save, then go back to appsheet and press the test button again and the system uses the most recent save (so your records will be at the top).


I guess I could do that or also I could be moving the oldest rows somewhere else …
Thanks for the advice

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