What has Appsheet been up to? What should we expect next?

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I’m popping up here a response I provided yesterday deep in one of the announcement thread regarding comments about pace of innovation and Appsheet’s commitment to our community and customer feedback.
@JCadence and I are working on focusing one of the upcoming Office hours to have a deeper candid discussion with you all about what’s been happening since the acquisition and what you should expect in the next few months…

"Thank you all for the feedback on this thread. Sorry Koichi to disappoint you with our pace of innovation.
As Caleb mention, we are working hard on upgrading the code to the level if expectations that customer have for any Google product, when it comes to Security, Compliance, Privacy.
We are also indeed moving our infrastructure to GCP which will give us an infinite capacity to scale the service without exploding our costs.
We are also looking at deeper integration with Gsuite and other Google services.
We are onboarding a significant amount of additional Google engineering resources in the Appsheet project which means we are spending a sizeable amount of time teaching and onboarding folks internally.
All this does indeed explain the slow down of visible innovation being released on a regular basis for the time being.
However this is a temporary slowdown before we can accelerate again with a stronger, larger team than we had before the acquisition.
We are still watching the community discussion daily and helping as much as we can there.
And Yes the Feature request section of the community IS the place to go to submit ideas and vote.
I shut down the app because multiplying various channels for customer input only ends up diffusing the feedback and spreading the demand patterns… I’d rather have as single customer request forum that gives us a more accurate picture as to what is trending in the community in terms of feature requests and needs. I know we are not providing a lot of insights in terms of what we are planning on tackling as part of this feedback. @JCadence is working on this. But rest assured that we are still there, we are actively watching and listening.
I am super pumped about the future and all the cool things we are working on beyond Azure to GCP transition and GSuite integration. Be patient with us. The acquisition was only a few months ago and we are still learning to operate efficiently in this new world we are in, but rest assured our commitment to you our loyal customers and to innovation is not diminished one bit…



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