Will appsheet be able?

Hey guys, my name is Jimmy and I own a collision center up north. Trying to save a few bucks on the high-priced management systems. Basically, I want to build shop management, to know which cars come in and out, if we need parts to be ordered, manage our service loaners, and most of all, be able to track what comes IN and goes OUT. Systems like this cost over 600$ a month and are pretty simple systems.

However, I need to know if appsheet would be able to import data from Ceica EMS ( Estimate management standard), which uses dbase IV file format.

It would be use to transfer simple data, like name, phone, make model year of car and how many hours does the repair takes, when is the car likely to get out.


Is this Ceica EMS the software being replaced or is this gonna be constant importing of data? Technically either can be accomplished but if this is just a one time transfer then most definitely there would be a way to transform that database file into something like MySQL(note to be able to use a database appsheet is possibly over 600$ a month not sure don’t quote me on that ask their sales first on this). There is also the chance that if the table structure is simple enough that it can be converted to use sheets. I don’t think Appsheet would be directly compatible with dbase.

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