Workflow table with grouping/summing of data

I’m trying to recreate this table in a workflow template.

So each row of data in Google Sheets will have a date. The user can choose a start date and end date via a form. To give an abbreviated list. The client then wants these grouping/summing and ordering by year then month. I know I may have to to create 2 virtual columns for Month() and Year().

The biggest issue is the start and end date could be chosen as 2 months or 50 months. So I cannot use virtual columns to do this. But AFAIK you cannot group items via a <<START: Select(… function.

Can anyone tell me its impossible or suggest how I could do this :confused:

Month Applications
October 5
November 7
December 3
January 9
February 6
March 5
Total 35

You can’t group at all with expressions, so your grouping would have to be done in a separate table.

You can use ORDERBY() in <<Start>> expressions to order the rows once you’ve figured out the grouping.

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One way is if you create a 12x6 table and then calculate every cells individually. Something like…

Month 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
January 9 9
February 6 0
March 5 2
April 5 1
May 7 9
June 3 6
July 5 3
August 7 9
September 7 2
October 5 5
November 7 4
December 3 6
Total 35 56
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