Workflow with period and multiple dates


I have a table “Holiday” which contains holiday period, with start date and end date colum. I have another table “Log” which contain daily working or non working hours.

I would like to write a workflow in order to create automatically several daily logs according to the holiday period. For example for an holiday period from september 1st to september 5th, 5 daily logs would be created in the log table.

Other point, if there are week end days in the period, those should be ignored.

QUite sure we can do that but don’t get how to start the subject. Any idea would be very welcome.


Hi Steve,

I actually saw a post you made about this and looks promising.

I think I could get the correct count of rows to create somehow by calculation. But how get the date value of each new rows to be set according to every working days of the period. Do I go to far or could an intermediary process do that ?

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See if this sample app gives you any ideas.

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Hola Steve. Me parece la solución para una programación de una tarea o inspección recurrente. Mas sin embargo me gustaría saber si hay alguna otra opción menos compleja la cual nos puedas compartir?.

Muchas gracias


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I’m afraid I’m unaware of a simpler option. :frowning:

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Muchas gracias Steve

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