XY with same coordinates - Layer order

I want to share some things I’ve learned and some bugs I found.
When we use XY column type, we sometimes have pins with exact the same coordinates. For example: You have a background image with spare parts and you want to replace a spare part. So you will get 2 pins at the same position.

AppSheet is not consistent in the way it treats the layer order. In other words: which one of those two pins will get on the top?

Another bug: The Map Point Grouping is not working, when pins have exact the same position.
And it will not work, when you open the map by clicking into it. It only works if you click on “View”. This has to do with the fact, that instead of your map view, it will open the system view “google-map”.

Adding @Grant_Stead


Thank you for taging me!
It was just last week that I started noticing the pin layering. I am using transparency in the formatting, something I think you also contributed. And a blue pin and an orange pin made brown. :joy: