Are detail views in dashboards every gonna fill their space properly?


Are we ever gonna get proper detail view sizing on dashboards so we aren’t limited to having a detail view that is 1/3 the width of a screen on a browser?


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I’m curious what your recommendation would be to improve this?

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Just make detail views take up the full width of the view that they occupy in a dashboard.
Or make it a setting. It just really limited the use of a 50/50 split window.

Padding needs to be addressed in general… You don’t want a detail view fun width on an ultra wide… :joy:


I can see this would be better when you have an inline view. Many of my apps use a set of inline tables to show children or similar data so full screen Detail view would help.

As @Grant_Stead, points out, for the other “normal” columns, leaving them in a vertical orientation will look quite weird in a full screen view on large devices no matter which display option is chosen.

I try to create different dashboard “panels” to help organize the data and make use of the extra screen real estate. But that’s not always feasible.

One idea…when there is a large number of “normal” columns together in a section of the view, the fields in that section could maybe be split into display columns - e.g. 4 table columns displayed in a left-hand column and another 4 displayed in a right-hand column instead of all 8 shown vertically.

Inline tables could still be stretched across the display.

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You’re not alone



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