Automatic star rating based on likes and dislikes

Hi @Kirk_Masden,

Thank you.

You have nicely summarized the options and status. Yes, you are right. Unicode based stars or any other emojis will be easier to implement in expressions.

I too explored the Unicode based half star and I also could not insert it in the text expression.

Based on my understanding of unicode characters / emojis, I believe they have following limitations for our extensive use in business apps

  1. Most of the emoji set appears to be lacking in emojis suited for business apps. They do have fruits, vehicle types, food and drink etc. but overall for business / industrial app use they have limited options.

  2. We have lesser or no control to match their color formatting to match say app theme colors.

  3. Most importantly, they are not available uniformly on all OS and devices.

Of course, we can continue to make limited use of unicode / emojis wherever feasible in apps.


Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!


PLEASE HELP: I used the above and received this error “Arithmetic expression ‘(“0 stars”-“Highlight color: gray”)’ has inputs of an invalid type ‘Unknown’”

I am new to APP Sheet, but working hours to gain experience.

Hi @Rene_Casana_Amaya! I’ve returned to this helpful tip of yours because I just saw an inquiry about incorporating ratings into AppSheet I’d I thought I’d share your tip. In reviewing your post, I noticed that you had written that you weren’t sure how to make your app a “sample.” I too have for the process of making sample apps (particularly samples that you prefer not to keep on your portfolio page) a bit confusing so I made the following tip to try to layout the process in detail:

If you still have the app you made and would be willing to make it into a sample that others can refer to, please take a look at my tip.

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Hi @jcsme2008! Sorry that I just noticed your post and that no one else responded. I’m not sure if there’s a sample app that shows how to do this but I’m hoping one will become available. I’ve found sample apps to be a very valuable learning tool.

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