Barcode and QR-code scanning using Scandit

Hello AppSheet Community,

We’re very excited to announce that AppSheet apps now support Scandit for your barcode and QR-code scanning.

Scandit provides leading-edge barcode scanning capabilities and robustness. This means you can scan barcodes even in less than optimal conditions, for instance, when lighting is low or if your barcodes are small, damaged, warped, or worn. Depending on your use case, it can also improve the efficiency of your processes if your users need to scan barcodes repetitively.

AppSheet already provides barcode scanning on mobile devices through a default service. Scandit is another option available to app creators, in particular to those who need added robustness and efficiency. Scandit also supports additional barcode formats than the ones available through AppSheet’s default service. AppSheet will enable these additional barcode formats over time.

This feature is rolling out starting today and should be available to all customers in the next week or so.

As a reminder, barcode and QR-code scanning is not supported in the Starter plan. However, whatever plan your account is on, you can always experiment with scanning on prototype apps. The same applies to barcode scanning with Scandit.

Information and requirements to use Scandit is available here.

Thank you,
-The AppSheet team


Hi @Arthur_Rallu

Thanks for this additional feature and great work you made at AppSheet !

At looking on further advantages with Scandit over default system, I read on their website:

  • faster speed (480 scans per minute)
  • omnidirectional (barcode is scanned with an angle)
  • from distance (8 feet distance)

All increased performance on barcode scanning, I would say.

It seems however that this is limited to barcode, but not extended to QR code (which surprise me). I did not find any relevant information on their website, but English is not my first language so I may have missed some information.
Am I correct ?

If not, would you know if it can support multi-line qr code ? That is a feature I would use.


In the help article mentioned here is a link to a Google Doc that we have no access to.

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I asked this in the release notes but I’ll ask it again here.

Since I started incorporating Barcode scanning over 3 years ago, it has Always been Scandit that was used from my AppSheet apps - at least on my iPhone and iPads. This is visually prevalent by the “Scandit” label shown in the bottom right-hand corner of the scanning target box. I do not have any scanning apps on my devices. I think I installed a scanning app at one time just to see what differences there might be but deleted it that same day.

So I am curious, what is different from what I had been using and this announcement?

Post with example scanner image -Oct 14th, 2021 (this has ALWAYS been the scanning service)

Was this default service provided by Scandit?


@Fabian - Thank you for catching the broken link! It is fixed now. :slight_smile:


Hi @WillowMobileSystems

Let me try to clarify this as it can be confusing, especially for long-time users of AppSheet.

AppSheet has offered barcode scanning in its applications for many years now. That service was indeed powered by Scandit. For multiple reasons, we needed to switch to an internal service and we did that (we had separate community announcements for Android and iOS). We know that for technical reasons there are a few AppSheet users still seeing the Scandit scanner in their apps, but that should phase out soon.

Although our internal service should suffice for many of our users, we’ve also heard from some of you that you wanted to keep using Scandit. So we’ve been working on bringing that back, albeit in this new form.

I hope this helps clarify it.


Yes, clarified.

I assume, from iOS perspective, you are referring to these announcements below. I do remember them. Not a major concern to me, but I do want to point out that software “updates” are a different thing than “replacement”. “Replacement”, to anyone software savvy, is a signal to more closely watch functionality for any incompatibilities.


We walked around quickly over Scandit home page, to find out what is the pricing indication when we make integration with appsheet to enhaunce the capability of scanning through this integration, but pretty much hard to find. Not sure how much it is going to be and we are not sure what “benefit” we would be able to gain through this integration.

Wish to have some sort of “comparision” list, in terms of features and capability, AppSheet native scannre VS Scandit for better understanding along with the potential " additional cost" to app crators, in case we owe to pay some money for Scandit.



Bonjour @Aurelien

So I checked with Scandit directly and they confirmed that they treat barcodes and QRcodes in the same way. This means that you should have the same benefits for barcode and QRcode. Not sure if you can do specifically 480 scans of QRcode per minute, but I assume it’s pretty high.


Thanks @Arthur_Rallu for the update !
Good to know :ok_hand:
Yes, about speed that would probably faster than anyone would be able to scan, it’s probably more fitted for factory use.

Did you have some information for multi-line scanning as well ?


Koichi, I reached out to Scandit.
Here is what they said regarding pricing:

Scandit offers product pricing based on use case, bundling, support requirements, etc. Pricing is on a subscription basis. For a pricing quote that fits your scanning use case, please contact Scandit directly by completing the form located at the bottom of this Scandit web page.
After understanding your use case, device type, desired scan volume, etc., Scandit will be able to deliver a custom quote for you. Scandit’s pricing is transparent and there are no hidden fees. You will only pay for active devices.

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Hi @Aurelien

Scandit said they support multi-line QR codes. If you’re running into issues making it work in your AppSheet app, please DM me.


Hi @Arthur_Rallu
Thank you for checking this.

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Very great, thank you for this ! :slight_smile:


Has anyone added this to their apps?
Here is more info about the capabilities of the platform: