Create multiple child datas when creating parent data

Hi everyone, newbie here for appsheet. But i am good at SQL. After searching for solution in community, i created my first topic. Salute you all.

I have a grouped parent product and child products has also child datas.

For example. I have suit which include jacket,shirt,trousers and tie. Each suit parts also can be selled individually. Each parts has its own size,color and importance. Level determines suit color and size. Lets says we have red jacket,gray shirt, blue trousers and white tie. Since we set jacket’s importance to primary. Suit color will be red. We ignore other parts specs. And the imagine with the size combinations. It will take soo much time to create all 1 by 1. And make them complete set. I was wondering is there a action or way to do that to create rows to child tables inside the parent form when we creating it parent? I tried to create action but actions dont applies when we creating form as far as i know. I cant create columns to parent table such as part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 . Because all products doesnt includes 4 parts always. It changes. Is it a action or easy way to create a grouped product all in once?

Check out the Data structure image. Thank you in advance.
Data structure

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I am thinking it is a different situation. Of couse i saw topics such as this ones, Multiple Selection Reference Field , Multi select values from a reference column . Yet these topics doesnt not apply my situation 100% .

First; should be adding data to another tables which i should fullfill in parent form for with 2-3 referenced enum list columns. Then they should be combined to each other in order of selection. Check to image please: solition image

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Most times it’s a matter of refining your search terms.

For instance, when I searched using your title Create multiple child datas when creating parent data I didn’t find much (a couple of tips and tricks did pop up, but they were towards the bottom).

  • but if I limit the terms to only those that apply create child from parent I get 3 hugely popular posts describing how to accomplish what you’re wanting at the top.