Customized Pop Up Messages

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As I’m new to Appsheet. In exploration of some application I’ve found it interesting but all I’m wondering is can’t we have manually customized popup messages within apps such as after filling the form it’d pop up like ‘you’ve successfully saved the details’, ‘thank you for registering with us’ etc etc. I’m not sure if there is feature or a way to doing this but all I need is just lil’ information about setting up this feature in app.

I’m seeking help from app developers as well as AppSheet Community hereby.
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Welcome to the AppSheet Community!

AppSheet does not have standalone pop-up messages.

However, you can create something to serve you needs.

On each Form view, there is a property called “Finish View”. What you can do is create a simple view that simply shows a text field that has the message you wish to display. Then add that to the “Finish View” property.

When a user Saves their Form entries, AppSheet will automatically navigate to the “Finish View”. You may need to get creative on the look and feel of this Finish view, as well as how to navigate back to the main app.

I hope this helps!