Data Change Tasks (calling an Action to create a record) are not picking up Initial Value Formulas

If I’ve got a table with a Key column that’s utilizing UNIQUEID() for it’s initial value:

When I create an action to create a row in that table, no errors are thrown…

In the image above, you can see I’ve set only two columns’ values - I did not include the (KEY) column

But when I try and use that same action inside a Task - the initial value formula is not being “seen” or “understood” or what-have-you by the system and it’s requiring me to enter something for the value to be set to.


Thanks for bringing this up and the very detailed report. This seems to be a bug and we will fix it.


I’m going to begin a serious digest of these new elements in preparation for some videos, I’m sure I’ll come up with tons of other things.

@Dan_Bahir Would you like them reported here (in the community), or directly to

We’ve released a fix for this.


I am still experiencing this issue: Automation Actions fail on Required columns relying on an Initial Value to fill them

It actually works fine with the row’s Key (set using UNIQUEID() as above) but not other columns with Initial Value set. It works fine if I call the Action directly, or if I define the values for the columns directly inside the action.