Embed the apps at the wordpress?

is it possible embed the app we craeted at the wordpress?
i have followed the step by using the iframe, but still can’t.

Hi Dian, yes it’s definitely possible. Here’s an example of an iframe I used for an AppSheet blog post:

< iframe style=“margin: 0px auto; display: block;” xml=“lang” src=“https://www.appsheet.com/samplesembed/embed?appGuidString=5c02fe87-3b36-490b-9671-9250c04b8cfa” width=“560” height=“650” frameborder=“0” data-service=“appsheet”>


  1. Remove the space between the initial “<” and “iframe” (if I connect it, then it automatically turns this into an embed.
  2. Replace the appGuidString “5c02fe87-3b36-490b-9671-9250c04b8cfa” with the string for your app. Make sure your app data settings are set to public if you’re planning on displaying this in a public Wordpress.
  3. If you want to share your data in Google Sheets, be sure to go to FIle => Publish to the Web => Publish

i have try the step but still can’t embed in my wordpress or google site.
i’am in trial now.
did i have to choice plan first, to able embed the app at my wordpress or google site?
is the html wrong?
< iframe style=“margin: 0px auto; display: block;” xml=“lang” src=“https://www.appsheet.com/samplesembed/embed?appGuidString=9ff122c8-9dbe-4e91-8eaf-84810198b6b6” width=“560” height=“650” frameborder=“0” data-service=“appsheet”>

Have you set your security preferences accordingly?

And have you deployed your app already?