FREE Chrome Extension that enhances the Expression Assistant

I think those are great feature requests. Definitely making the short list.


BUG: If I highlight rows and tab to indent, the indent does not honor my configured indent size.

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FEATURE REQUEST: Grab focus! How nice it would be to just start typing upon entering the Expression Assistant, rather than having to click again in the editing window!


Me too :grinning:
Thank you for your hard work.

Hi @Steve I’ve just published an update that auto-sets the focus/cursor into the Editor upon opening. You should see this update in a day or two (becuase Chrome Store Review Process).


— QREW Tools Update v1.010 —

We just released another public version with some major time-saving features.

There are now two more options in the Flyout: SCHEMA & VIEWS
These show a full listing of Tables, Columns & Data Types and All View Names and Types. This is a huge time saver for me when constructing deep links or writing dereferences.

Now you dont have to close the editor to lookup column names in another table, or search through the source data tables in another window.


The update will be rolling out automatically within a few days



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This is awesome @Stefan_Quartemont! Workloads have taken me away a bit fro Appsheet, but it’s great to see what you have done to make the environment even easier to work with! Huge thanks.


Boss! @MultiTech_Visions Check out what we’ve got now!

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It’s an addicitve feature… We have panic in the QREW office now when we have to write a cross table expression without this feature.


Any chance of getting this extension for Firefox?

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I’ve heard it’s actually not very difficult to port a Chrome Extension to Firefox, though I haven’t look I to specifics.

I’ll take a look and see what it takes. If it’s super easy, it could still be a couple weeks before it would get approved for distribution once I upload it, just FYI


Awesome, thanks!

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I very much enjoyed the fantastic QREW Editor, but today I noticed that it stopped working (11-30-2019). I tried reinstalling the Chrome extension, but it did not solve the issue. Some days ago I noticed some subtle changes to the Ui; is the issue with the extension or with my browser? Thank you very much! Holger

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Tools no longer working for me, too. Pixelbook, Chrome OS Version 78.0.3904.106 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Same chrome on win 10 laptop.:disappointed_relieved:

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Yikes! Sorry for that issue, everyone.

I’m not noticing any difference in functionality on Chrome for Mac v. 78.0.3904.108

Can any shoot me some Screen shots?

Nothing to screenshot; the tool simply doesn’t occur in the Expression Assistant editing pane. No errors, no messages, nothing obvious in the JS console. Extension menu in the toolbar still works. Reinstalled the extension with no effect.

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I have the same Chrome Version 78.0.3904.108 on Mac 10.15.1 (19B88), and QREW doesn’t work anymore.

I think the problem is related to Appsheet changes. In the moment I see the changes no more see the extension working.

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