How Do I Get Started? I have built one AppSh...

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How Do I Get Started?

I have built one AppSheet app that takes input and drops the info into a SS for further analysis so I have some experience with AppSheet.

Now I need to build an app that needs to reference data that is in QuickBooks. Export the data (sales order) to a PDF, use Able2Extract to pull the relevant fields from the exported PDF to Excel.

This data then needs to be pulled up in AppSheet so our users can go through and QC the items in each order for defects. This is where I can’t get started. The number of Fields will be fixed, but not the number of items (rows). Could be 3 or 37.

Each item needs to be QC’ed, it may or may not have a QC value. As the number of rows for each order is a variable, how do I tell AppSheet where the start and end of an order is, and how to display each item on screen for QC? Then write it back to Excel for analysis.

Any advice or samples on how to tackle this? Thank you in advance!

(Steven Coile) #2

How would you know where the start and end of an order is just by looking at the Excel spreadsheet if you had no knowledge of the QuickBooks data?

(Steve Wu) #3

To get data out of QB, each order is exported to a pdf. We can use Able2Extract to convert the pdf to Excel, so each order would be converted to it’s own tab (sheet) in Excel. We could add a column with the order #, if it’s going to be merged with other orders in the same sheet. But just looking at a single tab (order), how do I get AppSheet to read from row 1 to X and build a scrollable page? Is it putting in an “end marker” of some kind? Columns are static (6).


(Steven Coile) #4

Create a table view for the data table, and sort by _RowNumber.

(Steven Coile) #5

AppSheet only see rows that have a value in the column marked as KEY. Blank rows and rows without a value in the key column are ignored by AppSheet.