I have a hierarchy of items. Each level of t...

I have a hierarchy of items.

Each level of the hierarchy has a reference number,

which is a Text type column, so for instance or

My problem is using these numbers to sort in a table view.

The sort will put a ‘10’ before a ‘2’ or a ‘9’, etc, so

instead of

I couldn’t find anything on this in the documentation or forum.

Does anyone know a way to achieve a ‘numeric’ sort on ‘text’ numbers?


You could create a number type VC with formula NUMBER(CONCATENATE(SPLIT([ColName],"."))) and sort using that.

One way is NUMBER(INDEX(SPLIT([ColName],"."),1)) and then sort with that number. If you need to sort with the 2nd value as well, you can create another VC with the formula NUMBER(INDEX(SPLIT([ColName],"."),2)) and so on.

Thanks, guys.

I’ll have a look at both these ideas.

Specialized hierarchical views are what’s really required. Please vote on it here:

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I agree that built-in hierarchical functionality would be great, as my needs were pretty basic. In the end, I achieved the hierarchical functionality with table groupings, which seem to treat a textual ‘10’ as greater than a textual ‘9’, which kind of solved my problem, but restricted me to displaying data and choices in a certain way. I also used INDEX(SPLIT(…) to pull the numbers (still in textual format) from the hierarchical references (eg, ‘4.Building Systems, 1.HVAC System, 3.Environmental Control’), so I could have purely textual numeric references (eg, ‘4.1.3’).

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Thx, Grant. I don’t actually use Primavera, but I appreciate the offer.

I guess a lot of estimating / controls software probably uses the same numerical references huh…