INPUT Function Dialog Not Closing After Save Click

I have a Annual Report table with up to 12 child items stored in the Water Use table.

Both tables have a reference field to the Meter Information table.

I have an automation task that if the MeterInformation ref in the Annual Report table changes, then this task also changes the MeterInformation ref in the Water Use table.

I have introduced an action to the Annual Report table of type change a value with the INPUT function so that I could ideally change the MeterInformation ref for multiple Annual Reports and thereby concurrently change the MeterInformation ref on the related Water Use records.

The first report I executed this action on went flawless, however the next successive tries when I click the save button on the INPUT dialog nothing appears to happen. The dialog unfortunately stays open and I cannot tell if the application is attempting to sync but is running into any problems. There also is nothing in the Audit Log indicating that the change occurred in the Annual Report table and then initiating the change automation.

Any help would be appreciated.

INPUT() is in beta. Please report problems in the post below.

Thanks @Steve. I have added it as a reply to the thread.

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