Is it possible to create a Stack chart using aggregate (group / count) of columns?

Hi, is it possible to create a Stack chart using aggregate (group / count) of columns?

Selecting Horizontal Histogram I have then the option to group aggregate via Count:

However, when selecting Row Series (Stack) chart type, there is no option to Group Aggregate. Furthermore, I can not see any of my columns in the drop-down…

I want to create this horizontal bars chart of Abandonments by month, but Stacked: i.e. composed of Justified (green) and Not Justified (red) abandonments.

I tried creating some helper columns in the google sheet to follow the example of Stacked Chart of the manual, however could not include them in the Row Series Stack chart above because it would not show any of my columns in the dropdown…



I am also trying to aggregate chart data with stacked columns, unfortunately it does not seem possible though. It’s quite frustrating as it limits charts to either overly simple information (two data fields at a time). Therefore the benefit of being able to toggle numerous fields on or off in a stacked column is outweighed by the negative of being almost forced into displaying your charts via a date range on the X-axis.

For example look at how the blue and orange columns in this chart are displaying over each other (instead of aggregating in a SUM function and being displayed as one).

Of course, you can use a SELECT formula in a virtual column, but that just adds extra work and complexity in your existing tables, so it might not be worth the extra hassle if you have lots of charts to compile.

Hi Dario,

I’m having a similar issue with the “col series stack” chart, but I guess there is not a solution yet to aggregate or sum the columns on AppSheet (as we can do on Google Sheets charts).

If you don’t mind taking a look on my question please and would I be able to use the SELECT formula in a virtual column? It’s not very clear this approach to me.

Here is my question: Column Series Stack Behavior - Problem

Thank you!

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Thank you Dario and Eduardo for these feedback. We know and are working on improving this.
We are revamping chart in a major way and I hope to bring the new functionality to production before the end of the year, and we are hopefully going to bring it to Beta sooner than this. @jared @Arthur_Rallu FYI. If you are interested to join the beta which will be a closed roll out at first please let @JCadence know and she can add you to the group.


I have many situations that I could test beta chart features on.

Sorry I looked at your post and I don’t know how to help you. Do you know how to use the Select Expression in a virtual column?