July 30, 2021

Deployment Time: 1:37 PM PST

Features & enhancements

Item Description
Feature Smart Defaults in AppSheet editor for UX Views

Smart Defaults enables Appsheet to intelligently set defaults for different entities (such as UX Views) in the editor to minimize the number of changes an author has to make to reach their goals. Deployed to 20% of free users.

Bug fixes

Item Description
Bug Issue with column expressions evaluating case-sensitive column names

Fixes an issue where client evaluation of certain column expressions would fail due to the name being case sensitive. Deployed to 30% of free users.

Bug Issue with Form views containing Suggested Values expression with empty EXTRACT function

Fixes an issue where a Suggested Values expression that used an

EXTRACT function would break a Form view if the EXTRACT function input was empty. Deployed to 30% of free users.

Bug Try to navigate back to previous app or AppGallery if user declines consent dialog

Currently if a user declines the consent dialog they end up stuck on the About page and have to use device or browser back button to navigate away. Now if they came from a previous app it will navigate back to it, otherwise it will take them to AppGallery (except for WhiteLabeled apps where AppGallery is hidden).

Bug Fix parameter input assignment for Ref actions

A bug was fixed that prevented assigning input parameters when configuring a reference action within the Automation side-panel.

Bug Restore meaningful error message when Google Doc template file cannot be retrieved

A more meaningful error message is now displayed when Google Doc template files cannot be retrieved.

Rollout changes

Item Description
Feature Expressions: New option for faster and more consistent comparisons

New: Deployed to 100% of free users

Previous: Deployed to 30% of free users

Preview announcements

The AppSheet Preview program lets app creators try out new app features that are not yet fully supported. Learn how to participate in the AppSheet preview program for app client features.

  • No new preview features were released today.

What's currently available in the Preview program?

Item Description
Feature Table view

Table View now supports freezing the first column while scrolling horizontally. For details, see Freezing the first Column of a Table View - in Preview Program.

Feature Chart Editor

App Creators can now make use of our new chart editor and the new and improved charts it can create. Learn more.

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