May 19, 2021

Release notes: May 19, 2021

Deployment Time: 07:39 PM PST

Features & Enhancements

Item Description
Feature A Loading Spinner was added for the Editor.

To help indicate that work is taking place to load your app from the backend, we've added in a spinner on the editor to indicate this.

Bug Fixes


Preview announcements

The AppSheet Preview program lets app creators try out new app features that are not yet fully supported. Learn how to participate in the AppSheet preview program for app client features.

  • No new preview features were released today.

What's currently available in the Preview program?

Item Description
Feature Google BigQuery data source

For details, see the official announcement on the AppSheet Community.

Feature Chart Editor

App Creators can now make use of our new chart editor and the new and improved charts it can create. Learn more.

Feature Filters in AppSheet applications
  • App users can now filter items from a collection of records based on column values. The feature is available both on mobile devices and desktop computers. Learn more.
  • In the Search box, you can now filter by label.
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Hi @Will_Witman

When and where does this show up in the app editor?

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How about if we just speed up the process so a spinner is not needed at all?? Just kidding!

Well, half-way kidding! It is more user friendly and gives the appearance of a lickety-split UI (that’s a technical term :slight_smile: ) if the editor UI first loaded AND displayed progressively rather than using the “load-all and then display all” approach. In other words, load AND display the most frequently used/needed item first and allow other aspects of the editor to be loaded in the background and in parallel. And by “display” I mean allow user interactive with that component of the editor.


”Loader” while we are waiting until our device gets all the required data to our devices is always boring in natural sense.
I m just kidding, but may be it would be found useful what we will see the digest as well as headline for the latest update as texts and strings (not simple and typical loader) as “loader” while our app are get ready to edit ?
While we wait for the readiness, we are able to learn more about AppSheet.
Very much efficient and not killing time for anyone, again, I m just kidding.

I do use AWS as well, but their loader is huge enough and just black… no color… Not a fancy.

The latest AppSheet loader is quite modern, and I like it.