Multiple columns search ability with multiple words in search box

Hi everyone
I am quite new in the appsheet editing

I want to know if it is possible in the apk app to search multiple colum with multiple words in search box? For example i want to search from Name column and Organisation column eg i write “John Foundation” in search box to find John Smith working in Ford Foundation.
Is it possible?
How to do it?
Is it possible to get seach result with partial word eg Sm found ?

Thanks in advance

Not possible.

Hi @Fazlul_Haque! Welcome to AppSheet!

@Steve is right about the lack of a native capability to search with multiple conditions. However, it may not be “impossible” to do something close to what you would like to do. Here are a couple of ideas for workarounds.

  1. If you know that you would like to search fairly regularly for the combination “Name”+“Organization” you could make a virtual column that concatenates the name with the organization, for example “John Foundation” or “JohnFoundation”. Then you would be able to search for this concatenated term.
  2. You could build a “slice” that you use to reduce the number of records that you need to look at. If you use a form to type in terms that must be found in various records, the slice could then be configured to show only the records that had all of those terms.

Since you are new to AppSheet you may not yet be familiar with how to make slices and what a virtual column is. If you search for these terms in documentation, I think you’ll find good explanations.

I wanted to indicate that, if it is very important to have some method of limiting the displayed records to those that conform to two conditions it’s not exactly impossible but it is a bit time consuming to configure such a method.

By the way, in regard to your question about searching for partial words, that is possible. For example, records with the word “partial” will be selected even if you only type in “part.” I don’t think @Steve was referring to this part of your question when he wrote “not possible.”

One way you could try… create a Usersetting with fields like Search#1, Search#2 etc. and then create a slice as @Kirk_Masden proposed.

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