Multiple Triggers for a Single Bot

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(FYI: the actual feature request specifics are down below)

Let’s say I want to build a system that would “watch” for certain events, and upon finding something that triggered it - an email would be sent out to notify someone.

  • This is different from a triggered mechanism because:
    • if no one is using the system, then the notifications won’t go out.

If I wanted to build a system using Automation, this would require me to build 1 “Event” for each “time I wanted the system to check things” - if that makes sense.

  • These would be scheduled events - like 1:00 am

So in order to create a system that would cover the full day I would need to create X events.

  • Let’s say I wanted to create a system to run every hour
    • that would require 24 separate events - one for each hour of the day.
  • If I wanted it to run every 30 minutes
    • I’d need 48 separate events
  • If I wanted it to run every 5 minutes
    • I’d need 288 separate events.

I’m fine with this setup, I see how it makes things easy to run on the server in-mass.

  • One-for-one, a list of “event records” all ordered based on their trigger time, and the system just runs down the list.

Feature Request Specifics

  • I would like the ability to use multiple events to trigger a single bot.

This way I only have to create X number of events;

  • Currently I’ll have to duplicate Bots & Events

If I could use X number of events to trigger the same bot, then I wouldn’t have to duplicate the bots.

As always, thanks for considering!
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@Dan_Bahir @prithpal

That too is an option. But then we’ll have to create so many Events.

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In your “run every hour” example, that is more of a change needed within the frequency of scheduled events. E.g. “Run every X minutes” where X has some minimum value, say 15 minutes. It would be set to 60 for every hour.

Is there another example of where multiple events trigger the same bot? Why wouldn’t you just update the trigger condition to cover the additional conditions? Reason being if you were able to add multiple events to a single bot, there needs to be consideration of AND / OR logical operations.

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I can’t really come up with anything off the top of my head;

  • I was just thinking this would be a nice degree of freedom to have in automation
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Sorry to put you on the spot. I am not trying to quash the feature but rather understand it.

No no, it’s a good question. I just can’t come up with anything without spending more time thinking about it - and I’ve got other priorities now. lol

Off the top of my head now though I could see something where I’ve got a process that I want to trigger, but maybe from two different tables - this would require two bots.

Hi @MultiTech_Visions,

Maybe this would help, think of creating a Bot as subscribing an event to a process or as a container that holds an event and a process. Like in the picture below:

With that preceptive you can create one process and subscribe multiple events to the same process using a Bot per subscription.

Regarding the granularity I think the link to @praveen answers the difficulties there but if you would like to describe the business cases that you can across we will think how to provide those capabilities without compromising the system.

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